Water is the driving force of all nature
— Leonardo Da Vinci
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I choose Berkey to purify my water, and here's why...


Reason #1: Removes hundreds of contaminants: Bacteria, parasite, heavy metals like led and mercury, toxic chemicals like benzene, chlorine, chromium-6, pesticides etc. 

Reason #2: It's gravity fed, so it doesn't need electricity or water pressure. Simply pour in the water, let it filter and drink away. 

Reason #3: Berkey comes in different sizes for all different needs, whether it be a travel berkey, or a berkey for a household of 8 people etc. 

Reason #4: VERY ECONOMICAL!!!! Travel model for example, is $228 plus shipping = $250. This might sound pricey at first, but....it will purify 6,000 gallons before needing replacement filters. If you drink 10 gallons a week, it'll last you at least 11 years, at a cost of less than 2 cents per gallon! Most water filters need to be replaced after 3-6 months which adds up in time and money spent. 

Reason #5: Toxins are one of the top contributor to poor gut health and potential leaky gut syndrome....Toxins found in contaminated water, work as endocrine disruptors (disrupting our hormonal systems), which can cause reproductive, neurological and immune effects. 


Facts about Water

  • High levels of lead in water have been linked to lower IQs in children.
  • Arsenic – The toxic chemical arsenic may be in water drawn from wells. It harms nerves, the heart, blood vessels, and skin. It has also been linked to several cancers.  Wells should be checked frequently.
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs) – including chloroform – are byproducts of chlorination that are suspected of causing several cancers, including bladder cancer.  THMs are added to many municipal water supplies.
  • Presence of total coliform may indicate that potentially harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E. coli) is present.
  • Fluoridated Water – Today, most cities in the USA choose to fluoridate their municipal water. In addition to tap water, fluoride can be found in numerous products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, medications, green and black tea leaves, and drinks such as bottled water, soda and juice. Be sure to read labels. Do your research about fluoride as to whether it is something you want to consume.
  • Cryptosporidium is a parasite that causes a sometimes severe and life-threatening diarrheal disease. It is one of the most common causes of waterborne disease (drinking and recreational) in the U.S.

Health Benefits of Drinking Clean Water

  • reduces headaches
  • helps mental alertness
  • benefits digestion
  • helps with constipation
  • replenishes skin tissue
  • anti-aging properties
  • regulates body temperature
  • flushes out toxins & waste products
  • increases energy
  • helps with weight loss
  • bathes the cells of the body
  • may help with asthma & allergies
  • boosts metabolic rate
  • reduces risk of dehydration
  • serves as transport for nutrients
  • helps kidneys
  • helps maintain normal bowel function
  • moisturizes air in the lungs
  • helps with joint & muscle health
  • may help with lower back pain