Welcome to Soma Educational Group 




Bringing the world’s top Health & Integrative Wellness educators to NYC! Soma Educational Group hosts a number of world-renown practitioners from all over the globe. Our goal is to bring forth the most valuable information that exists in the health and wellness industry. We are constantly seeking the best information and educators, to spread their knowledge with current and future generations of wellness professionals and healthy minded individuals alike. 

SEG has collaborated with French Osteopath Guy VOYER since 2011 to bring his paradigm to those high level practitioners who are consistently seeking the most effective techniques to apply to their patients/clients. 

Courses Offered Include

  • Manual Osteopathic Program (aka SomaTherapy Program) taught by French Osteopath, Guy VOYER DO
  • ELDOA Certification Courses  
  • Detox Seminars (Coming Soon!) 
  • Nutrition Seminars (Coming Soon!) 
  • Paleo/Gluten Free/Healthy alternative Cooking Workshops  (Coming Soon!)
  • Autoimmune Friendly Cooking (Coming Soon!) 
  • More to come! 

For business inquiries/partnerships/collaborations, to have SEG learn more about your practice or treatment methods, please email Info@SomaEducationalGroup.com